Alright, Pit, we all know about Euronymous of Mayhem using pieces of Dead's skull in a necklace (I belief he confirmed in an interview that he gives these necklaces to people he deems "worthy"), but I've seen more of this phenomenon in recent news stories.

We've got this one:
Woman's body cremated in culvert, officials say
The daughter and a grandson of an 84-year-old woman who died at a Northern California farmhouse cremated her on an improvised barbecue and fashioned a necklace with a chunk of the woman's skull, authorities in rural Tehama County said Wednesday.

There were a couple others I found some weeks back that I can't remember, but you don't often hear of people using pieces of someone's skull in a necklace. Post any more stories you find involving this and discuss the subject.

Also, don't post about Euronymous unless you're correcting something I got wrong here. We've all heard the story before, we know it all; if you don't, look it up on Wikipedia.
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Looks like shes getting ahead in the fashion industry...

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Isn't "Woman's body cremated in culvert" a Cannibal Corpse song?
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