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I have a simple question. What is the better guitar amp for Old School Hard Rock and Metal? Randall's MTS or Mesa Boogie's Dual or Triple Rectifier?
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Hi Horlicks.

If money was no option which one would you you choose and why?

Neither, . Probably the MTS for the versatility.
instead of buying MTS for that much money id just buy the amps its trying to emulate used seperately.
like a 5150, an AC30, and maybe a DSL.
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instead of buying MTS for that much money id just buy the amps its trying to emulate used seperately.
like a 5150, an AC30, and maybe a DSL.

But the point of the MTS is that you don't have to carry 3 huge combos around with you. Not to mention it sounds fantastic.
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havent tried it.
does anyone have a link comparing the modules to the actuall amps.

Just search youtube. I don't think it models a 5150 btw.
I like the idea of the MTS, its more versatile than a Rectifier, but if your into old school hard rock and metal, why not just buy a Marshall JCM 800, or a Mesa boogie Mark III or IV?
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^^ nah it doesn't, but it models many other hi gain boutique amps.

and also remember that b/c the MTS line is more recent, there's always the luxury of modern advances and features. it has two FX loops, an FX level knob on the front, ability to switch tube types, tube failure lights as well as easy biasing...can't remember everything else b/c mine's at the ex's apartment. but yea, that and everything Horlicks said
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The MTS is pretty awesome. If you get bored with one tone, you don't have to buy a completely new amp, just buy/trade for another module.
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The Mesa Boogie Roadking is supposed to do both Dual and Triple Rect sounds, and is also ridiculously versatile. It's worth a look into.

That said, I've heard good things about the MTS, especially its Dual Rec modeling with the Treadplate. And there's an active mod community...
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Haha hey. I've tried both amps actually and i was in the same position as you. I ended up getting the MTS since you can replicate a Mesa with one of the modules. The XTC module is pretty close to a Mesa but you can also get tones such as a JCM 800, or Fender Cleans with one of the modules. I'm not home right now so i can't tell you exactly what each one replicates but like someone else said if you don't like the done of one of the modules you can just modify it. I currently have a Brown module, Clean module, and UltraXl module. Brown replicates an old Marshall think more of a Van Halen tone, Clean is just your average clean its nothing special but i like it. The UltraXl is killer though it has the highest gain of any of them. Youtube some of the stuff i think you may like it, but if you like a Mesa go with mesa. xD

To answer your question though, the MTS was my choice since you can get high gain and great cleans and also switch between other types of tone. Its just over all Versitile.
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i'd say the RAndall MTS. I've noticed a LOT of guys that record with Rectos or similar amps, but use the MTS live because of the versatility of the modules.