About 3 months ago i bought a p bass copy from a friend for £30, Its an encore p bass copy, just bought it becasue i liked the p bass look

A few weeks ago i turned the volume knob and the sound just cut out, when i took the pick guard off i found this.

Can anyone tell me where i need the solder these wires ?

Wires have came loose before ( really badly made bass to be honest ) it was just a case of soldering them back on but i have no clue where these wires go

Anyone help?
I think both of those wires should be soldered to the base of that pot.

Can't really see one of them though.
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the top one looks like it's the ground wire from the brigde, so just ground it.

I can't really see the other wire, though..
it looks like it might be the wire from connecting the volume and tone pots.. I dunno, though..
Just to the pot.
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