I currently have a esp ltd ec 1000, but im looking into gettin a guitar with a floyd rose.
I like to play the hard rock/ metal genre, but i dont want a guitar that sounds the same as my esp. Im willing to spend £700-£850 for my new guitar. help please!
if you want a different sound i would suggest a guitar with an alder or a basswood body, you should also check out if you want your new guitar with EMG's or not.
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yh i was lookin at esp m-1000/mh-1000 but then relised they have emg's which then would sound similar if not the same to me ec-1000. i was looking in to the ibanez s series the s5470.
yh like that kinda style like designed for hard rock, i just want a guitar i can use for all sorts of genres really. How do you rate the ibanez s series ? as they r main guitar im swaying to atm.
superstrat of some description would be a good idea. just make sure the trem is a quality trem (OFR, schaller, gotoh, ibanez edge pro/ZR etc.).

"sounding the same" as your ec is kind of subjective, to be honest, it'll sound quite a bit different, but if it still has humbuckers, it'll be in the same ballpark...
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