Wel i'm looking at buying one of the epihpone explorers - Korina 1958 like this:

however i was also looking at improving the pickups in order to get the same kinda sound as the edge from u2 in the songs that he uses this guitar in...anyone got any ideas for what kinda pickups to stick on it, humbuckers obviously.

the sound i'm looking for are is the ones in this video:


yeah i know that a lot of it is also in his pedals but there is a quite a big range there...is it just a case of upgrading the epiphone ones to gibsons?
I wouldn't upgrade a guitar you don't own yet.
You should play it for a few weeks/months to see how you would like the tone to be altered, then make a decision off that.
Hope it helps.

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what kind of amp do you have?
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