First Posted Song (No Stealing, I have proof)

The end is who I am, and I existed from the beginning
As soon as time began you started marching towards me
You’ve fooled yourself into thinking you’re winning
The experienced know, facing me on their knees
Religion has defined me, Science tried to kill
It won’t be quick, but it will be clean
The world I’ve envisioned is nothing like your dreams
As I come near, the sky turns to grey
As I come close, the world is betrayed
I won’t lift a finger, I won’t say a thing
You’ll continue to march anyway
I am what I am
Never anything more than a distant warning
Closer than yesterday
Farther than Tomorrow
Seems more like a poem than a song. I know some people like to abandon traditional song structure (my first few 'songs' were really just poems), but it would really help if you had a chorus or something.

P.S. The lyrics are sweet.
Slipknot Fan.

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