so my steam only works for about 2 months out of the year, as it wont let me connect to the steam server going through my router. being we have other computers on my internet, plugging into my modem isnt an option, even though it works. so for the millionth time on the steam support page, i figure maybe i need to update my routers firmware, but i dont want to do this in fear of completely jacking up my interent. but the funny thing is, is that steam works perfectly fine on our other comps and my laptop through the same router. any suggestions?

i have a Wireless G Router
Part # F5D7230-4

but we dont use the wireless capabilities on it, if that is any help
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Check your settings, it may be that your IP address is blocked from those ports for that amount of time. It sounds like a prank to me, or a parental control freak thing, if it is that. other than that, I don't know, there could be so many things wrong, each equally unpredictable and unlikely.
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theres no point in asking the pit. try and go to a website where people specialize in these things