Nothing to say, who knows? I'll crit anyone elses. This isn't a traditional song in normal stanza's. It's really just a jam song I've been writing for a short period of time.

.There's someone here to tell you
You can do whatever you please
All you have to do is believe
All you have to do is believe, yeah

There's a man like no other
He's a man just like your mother
He has glasses, hair and stripes
He can change them every night

He's not just your average joe
He's also real responsible

You feeling awfully sick?
Better get some medicine
Don't know what to do?
There's directions just for you

(next 8 lines are said in one measure at a time)

Turn the cap
Don't turn back
Leave behind
You're luggage
Know you're here
No need to fear
It's only love
Like no other

You're inside, Doctor Funk's Treasure Trunk
You're inside, Doctor Funk's Treasure Trunk
You've got everything you'll ever need
Like life, freedom, and all your dreams

Doctor Funk's got time to waste
Watch him play a mean old bass
He's a man who wants to be heard
Love is life, that is the word, yeah

Doctor Funk has one request
Play with your heart, and your best
He can try and help you through
But it all comes down to you

Oh, yeah
Woohoohoohoohoo, yeah.
Listen to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, or whatever you want to listen to.
Dreams/Celestial Voyager (My Band's recording )
Live at Pompeii

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