I want to put my Ibanez in Drop C and it has a floating trem. It's been in standard for about the past year and has 3 springs in the back from using 9-42. The string gauge I'm putting on is 10-52, so how many springs will I need to remove from the cavity?

I have 2 springs in mine using 10-52s and it works nicely, although I'm not 100% sure if its the same with a floating trem.
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it really depends on how stiff you want the trem to be. I have three springs on my FR and i'm using 10-56 for standard D tuning, and that's a really tight tuning for such a heavy string. just adjust the screws holding the springs to adjust the distance.
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you can probably just use 3 springs since youre changing tuning too. if you were gonna stay in standard and upgrade the strings that much , you'd be in trouble :P
i've switched string gauges a lot and it doesn't matter how many, 2 or 3 will usually work, but with the floating trem, after ur strings are on, and ur guitar is intune and locked, ur goning to need either tighten or loosen the screws on the metal plate that the springs are attached too. if the back of the bridge is higher than normal, then u need to tighten them, but if it's lower then u have to tighten them
probably leave it as is, i'd have thought. you may have to tweak the tension springs a little.
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