I haven't played that particular one, but the others I've played (swede, super swede and viking) were all very nice guitars, especially for what they cost. Very nice for all rock oriented applications as well as some blues.
No concerns about the build quality as well. Everything seemed neat and tidy, though it'll take some years to see if the construction really is all that good.

I think that Hagstrom makes some of the best guitars under 1000$. I think they'll leave Epiphone's ass in ruins if they continue to deliver the quality they've been delivering so far.
they are top quality guitars for the price you would pay for entry level to intermediate guitars. They are Built great and have been around for along time . (zappa used em). they sound and feel awesome (plus you have a 30 day money back option ) But i think you will love the guitar
alright. reasonably nice but i was far from blown away.
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The D2-H is the more basic guitar, I would look at the Ultra Swede as well. The other is the D2-F series, the semi-acoustic version, which I found to be a better sounding guitar and higher end. It's a great option if you were looking at the Viking Deluxe or the swede, but didn't have the money. Sort of inbetween both, but very versatile.

You really can't go wrong with Hags, though I would stay away from the 200 and 300 series.

from what I figure you were looking for, here's the range, lowest priced model to highest:

Ultra Swede
Swede/Super Swede
Viking Deluxe
Select Ultra
Select Swede/ Select Super Swede

The D2-f, swedes and Viking get a Bigsby type trem arm system this year as a upgrade option. Very, very nice.
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