OK, so I've asked for help about this before, but kinda always got pushed to the back. I am looking for a new bass amp.

Facts: I play a Schecter Damien 4 string
I play hard rock-metal
I play with 2 other guitarists and a drummer
I need the amp to be like $300-500
I currently run through a Gallien Kruger Backline 110
(It's 10" 70 watter)
I am looking for more power, as my band may start gigging
I also don't REALLY like the current tone and my amp was bought mostly for practice and i think i can kick it up
I am 14 and started in like May of '08
I live near Cleavland so like GC in Youngstown and Akron and Cleavland or Sam Ash in like Cleavland

Thanks in advance for anything you tell me,
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get the acoustic b200 1/2 stack, or look at the gallien krueger backline 210
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Get a GK half stack if you like your tone now.
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^he said he didnt like the tone of his GK if you read what he said

get an ashdown MAG combo
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My Ashdown MAG 210T sounds like sex in a box and has power to boot.

do you have an extension cab plugged into it at most times? Is it loud enough without one? Im thinking of getting one
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