Im think of getting a ibanez prestige, but don't no whether to get a S series of RG series.
If you own one or have played one then your opinion would be most helpful. Thankyou
I have a RG 2620 and it's awesome, the sound is great and the neck too.
Never played an S though, but as it's not the same body shape(I think) I'd choose the rg over the s because the rg has the best sitting and standing up position to play.
Don't know a terrible lot on the S series other than they're really cool cuz they're like stringed pancakes, but I can tell you that the RG series is fantabulous, especially the prestige models. How they fare against the S series, I can't honestly tell you, but they do definitely rival higher end guitars from other companies.

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They're both incredible, and both very good for metal/hard rock. it depends entirely on personal preference with this one, try them both out and see which you prefer the feel/look of. Sorry if that seems unhelpful but they are so similar in so many ways. And awesome
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Thanks guys! Yh i have heard quite alot of good things about the RG series, but like you guys said i dont no anything about the S series or played a S series so its really hard to make a decision.
I play an s470dxqm. It sounds pretty beefy for such a sleek design. Its light body is easy on the neck and back, even when playing for a long time. It is comfortable to play sitting and standing.

Although the maple cap is thin, I can feel it respond differently than the mahogany through the vibrations in my hands, so it does have some effect on tone. The neck is nice and wide (43mm) at the nut for easy play.

The best feature of this guitar is their ZR whammy bar. Rather than balancing on a knife edge, it uses ballberrings for smooth action. There is an adjustable nut on the back for easy adjustment of string tension if you like to switch tunings -- I think this is easier to deal with than other Floyds, especially lower-end Floyds.
I own an RG and I absolutely love it. I've also played an 'S' series (can't recall which one) and it was equally beautiful. I went with the RG simply because I wanted 24 frets and a thru-neck but if the 'S' series had a model like that I'd be sorely tempted to switch.
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id go w. RG if your shredding b.c it has 24 frets, and the S is just too thin for me.
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Id say the S honestly.
Although i have owned 3 RGs and love every one of them.

The s prestige models are just so nice.
RGs are a bit more metal than Ss
Ss are more versatile IMO and look nicer overall
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i have an RG and love it, but my left-handedness meant that i wasn't really able to look at Ss at all, as you can't get any left handed, so my testimony is perhaps a tad useless.
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Quote by GuitarHeroUK
Im think of getting a ibanez prestige, but don't no whether to get a S series of RG series.
If you own one or have played one then your opinion would be most helpful. Thankyou
You need both! Most RGs are Basswood (7620, 1527, 7680, 7621, etc. vs. 321MH which is Mahogany, etc.) while the S is Mahogany ... so you need to audition both for longer than an hour, over several days/weekends, through an amp similar to yours or what you plan to buy.

RG. Herman Li uses S's, and IMO S's are uncomfortable.

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Just because Herman Li uses a guitar doesn't mean it's not good. And how anybody can say that S's are uncomfortable is beyond me. Its like putting a pillow on you stomach. Maybe its just me being used to an 11 pound Les Paul. I plan on buying a friends S470 soon by the way.
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I found an SA120 by mistake at a friend's shop, after checking out all of his other guitars. I was just going through and picking them up and playing them to get a feel of the different models, but when I picked this damn thing up and played for only a minute, I nearly cried. It's just....an incredible match for my style. The neck is perfectly shaped for fast movements across the fretboard, and the only problems I had with it was learning how to adjusting the action with it's Tremelo Bridge.
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I have ibanez Sa120 and it rocks for the price.


This is stock pups, I plan on putting dimarzio's in or seymours. But the guitar only costed me like 300 dollars.

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This is my old MIJ s540. Super comfortable and Great Tone.A real all rounder. It will cover Surf to the Heaviest Metal. The body is thicker in the middle and tapers to the edges. My son uses it all the time with a Digi Tech Grunge pedal through my Boogies.
thanks for your help guys, i will take your views into consideration when buyin my new ibanez
I vote for S, but I prefer the SAS models.
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If you want a KOREAN prestige S over a MIJ prestige RG.....

I would rather have a MIJ prestige RG.

Actually... you could purchase the S5470 which is a Japanese made Saber with 24 frets.


Alternatively, check out the usual RG suspects like the RG2550Z, RG3120 or be cool and get the Limited Edition RG770.
Ive always been a fan of RG's
the S models look kind of anorexic IMO
Getting 24 frets on both models now is a plus , but the trem systems are different I always prefer the FR type bridges in terms of feel

TS whats your tonewood preference?
dude its a matter of how your going to play, for me i wasn’t comfortable playing the S sitting down, but standing up it beats the RG every time cause its soooo light, but i chose the RG... cause am into its body shape, besides i wanted a full scale neck, its cheaper (i got me the 1570 prestige, amazing guitar she is) and i found it more versatile. i would recommend the RG 1570 to anyone with one minor pups swap, and ull have the best guitar money can buy.
good luck choosing
I've played the S series and wow I love it in every way ... minus the price
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I have an RG321 and I don't want for anything else(yet), everything about it is awesome. Super fast neck and really light, just looking at it makes me want to pick it up and play
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I've had a brief encounter (heh) with regular RGs and Ss, I felt the S was more flexible and I prefer the curvy shape. I really wanted a strat though so I got my US deluxe.
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