Man... swamppy? lol

All I can relate to is Delta Blues,

Teeraplane Blues and Kind Hearted Woman by Robert Johnson.
basically do some I-IV-Vs with some passing chords or something. Swamp blues is more about the tone and maybe the voicings.
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Exactly, just do a sloooooow I-IV-V 12 bar blues and get some slide guitar in there with a bunch of overdrive/distortion. Also singing plays a big part too.
Along with the I-IV-V, try I-IV-V7. The Dom7 is perfect for resolution back to the one chord, which is where you get some real tasty turnarounds. For a real delta sound, try using this _7 voicing:

|---|-o-|---| e---2---|
|-o-|---|---| B---1---|
|---|-o-|---| ex: G---2---|
|---|---|---| D--(0)--|
|---|---|---| A--------|
|---|---|---| E--------|

this omits the root...but this is a D7. The root would be where the parenthesis is, but the chord is real powerful without the root. Try droning the I note over it too such as:

e--2------2-----maybe even walk the bass line down the I-IV-V like ----2------2-------2-
B--1------1----- ----1------1--------1-
G--2------2---- ----2------2--------2-
D--------------- -----------------0------
A--------------- --------3----------------
E------3-----3- -3----------------------

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