Okay, here's the deal;

After Christmas this year, I'll take whatever money I get and buy the parts to build a new PC, and the top question on the list is whether to go with XP or Vista. Now, I use Vista now, and I'm happy with the user experience. However, I still love XP deep down, and for that reason I'll sometimes use my Mom's computer just because she's running XP.

So yeah, should I go with XP, because of the simple user interface and experience I have come to know and love, and the fact that it's going to enter extended support status from MS on April 14 of next year, and will continue to be supported until April 8, 2014, keeping me safe for five years.

Or, should I take the Vista road, keeping up-to-date on Microsoft's future plans with their newest OS, and keeping this OKAY user experience.

Basically, it's down to what I want, and MS's practical route in the OS biz.

(Note: DO NOT turn this into an anti-Vista thread. I want HONEST opinions.)

I opted for XP over Vista for my computer.
The only thing that I kind of pisses me off is that I can't get Directx 10. But It's worth it in the end.
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I haven't had any real bad experiences with Vista, but it depends what your gonna be using the computer for. I'd take the plunge with Vista, since it's served me well so far!
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Make it futureproof, so it can run Vista, but, i'd say start off on XP.

Most people say vista is slow on their pcs because the OS is made for Future machines, not "current" so, as PCs get more advanced it will work better, same as running XP on a 98 machine, ouch.

But yeah, I'd say XP, unless theirs something vista has you need IE DX10 games or which ever.
If you plan on gaming, Vista. You'll rarely struggle with drivers now and you can get Direct X beyond 9. I never have any problems with it.
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Quote by BostonLP
I haven't had any real bad experiences with Vista, but it depends what your gonna be using the computer for. I'd take the plunge with Vista, since it's served me well so far!

I don't game. So I think the score right now is XP: 1, Vista: 0
Quote by MattIsTheCosby
I don't game. So I think the score right now is XP: 1, Vista: 0

I should've clarified, I don't either. Its mainly used for writing papers and such, with the occasional DVD played.
They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion.

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I personally like Vista's interface, but I believe XP is a more stable system. You can still keep up on Microsoft Office, as well as other similar updates with XP.
if it was 5 months ago then xp. but now vista probablyy has less bugs than xp and compatible with near everything so get vista and it will save money in the long run
Quote by seljer
speaking of this subject

is 64bit version of XP any good?

Yeah if your running any software which will use it, or you want 4gb of RAM, otherwise, no real difference. (+ if you have a 64bit cpu)
Eh, just get Vista. It's been around long enough that the issues are ironed out and all the software/hardware will work properly.

Only reason I'm not using right now it is because I am paranoid about running pirated versions; I lost all my data several times when it locked up. When I build a new PC, I'll get a real copy.
If you don't game or do any specialist software (music, graphics etc) then I don't see much of a difference between Vista and XP besides them looking different, and Vista taking up more RAM.
Buy apple ?

Nvm :

I'm used to XP ..
But my mom bought a laptop with Vista on it and i just can't go with it.. except for the looks ... wich are great
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XP if you want high performance on a machine that isn't absolutely top of the line.
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Even bill gates said vista sucks....that should tell you something right there.
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I have vista standard with my PC I like it but theres one downside

I cant play doom
I love my new Vista computer I just got. I actually prefer it over XP, but thats just me.
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I run macOSX and vista on my computer... I like it, but it takes a bit of getting used to all the subtle (and sometimes frustrating) changes they made to menus and such. But that's just because I grew up on Windows and it hasn't really changed that much since DOS.

Long story short: If you plan on doing any serious gaming, go with XP.
Anything creative: go with Vista
if you just want something to do work on, go with XP because it will be more stable and familiar.

Vista is good, I don't have anything complaints with it except it won't let me run some games on it.
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I've been running Vista for a little while now, and after ironing out a few issues with my Presonus it runs great. I do have a decent pc though, so that maybe why, but I haven't encountered any major problems with it...

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XP is great. If you are going to be running a high-powered machine, I'd hate to say it, but go with Vista. Personally I use XP, but the 32-bit version of the software only supports 2.7 gigs of ram becuase of the way the OS is archityped. You gotta remember rams only become cheap recently, microsoft couldnt have predicted that.

There is a compiler out to get it read a little over 3, but thats incredibly technical and in the end not really worth the boost.

I only have two real gripes as a programmer for vista (both can be disabled or added through preference manipulation):

-No ****in run prompt unless you enable it (how the hell am I supposed to use a computer without a run prompt???)

-It ask me to constantly confirm what I just told it to do. I TOLD YOU TO DO IT. Why is my ****ING COMPUTER ARGUEING WITH ME???!!!! DAMN YOU VISTA!!!

Its great for the general public, but shit for techies.
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Vista 64 bit.

I just finished building and installing it on my new pc.

This is 64 bit Vista Ultimate SP1 vs XP Pro SP3

Much, much better aesthically.
You can go way above 3.25GB of Memory(XP limits to that)
Full Dual/ Quad Core support.
Better Security
Better restore/back up abilities.
Muccccccch faster applications.

I honestly wish I would not have waited so long. It was however a pain to install for me. My new 750GB hard drive, was a dynamic disk; so I create a parition and new volume in my xp system, then convert to a basic style. I also ran into some problem with missing NTLDR files, but that was an easy fix.

After that; once you install the right and current drivers, you will love it.

Crysis maxed out settings on DirectX10 looks amazing.

My specs are

AMD Quad-Core 2.6GHZ Black Edition
4 gigs dual channel memory
EVGA Nvidia GX260 896 MB Graphics Card
ASUS SLI Nvidia Deluxe Motherboard
Using a 22" DVI Monitor(Wish I could have done DVI + HDMI)

All in all built it for around $1,200. Very happy with it.
Go for Linux.

Or hold off and get Windows 7.
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