OKAY! Post your ideas for the greatest band line-up you can! anything goes - movie characters, rock idols or deities Feel free to go into as little detail about equipment as you like ^^

My Line-up

On Drums - Vishnu (extra arms ftw)
On Lead Guitar I - Satan - Black Kramer Vanguard through a MASSIVE Marshall stack.
On Lead Guitar II - God - Alpine White Finish Gibson EDS-1275 through a 1960s Fender Bassman amp.
(should make for some EPIC guitar duels )
On Bass - Thor - Black Rickenbacker 4003 through an amp made of the bones of his foes!
On Vocals - Jesus - The ORIGINAL crowd pleaser

What d'you reckon? post your own ideas too!
Search next time, this has done at least 3 times. But to stay on topic-

Between the Buried and Me.

There, ultimate band.
Drums - Animal from the muppets
Guitar- Petrucci
bass- Helen of Troy
Keyboards- Mozart
Vocals - Farmer Fran
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