Hello, i was wondering if anyone anyone could tell me how to make my am sound kinda more led zeppeliny...i guess. I cant seem to get my Peavey Vypyr amp to sound like that. there is "Classic Rock" amp setting but it just doesnt seem to have enough distortion and all the other amps seem to be tuned in for deth metal. i know it is kinda made for more modern rock kinda stuff but just if any knew anything that i could tweak to make it sound a little more classic rock like. like to change the amp setting preferably lol
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I don't actually own the amp, but have you thought of using one of the effects? Maybe the tubescreamer?
ya.. i did but i kinda like to have other effects going as well and put on the TubeSc kinda takes up a spot lol. ya so just kinda wanted to change the amp setting or the EQ or something
Mess around with the Plexi, Brit, and Bad Cat channels. Keep both the pre and post gains about half way up and adjust effects to suit song/taste.
-use bridge pickup
-tone knob all the way or almost all the way up
-take out some bass, add mids and treble -- not sure on this one, but that's what i do. I have a Spider though, so who knows...
-pregain probably around halfway. postgain is however loud you want it to be.
-Mess around with diff. channels as Esupremacy said.
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