Vocally, I think you should be in an Incubus tribute band. Not a put-down but man, such a true reproduction of his tone and sound...is the lead guitar player in performance or songwriting?
im the guitarist, and ya im majoring in contemporary writing and production. the singer is like in love with brandon boyd
the singer sounds just like that guy from Incubus. Music-wise, I LOVE the guitars. The lead guitar is so ambient and fat sounding. It creates a really unique feel, but I think the drums should be a bit louder, or at least just bring up the snare. The drums sounded good when the song built up, but they should have been around that level to begin with.

If you're considering any career in music, Berklee is the best school in the world. There is so much amazing talent and it's an awesome atmosphere to be in. PLus, boston is the shit