I would like to know the wiring to make my 81 run on both 18v or 9v via my mini toggle switch. I have been using 18v for a while and just went in and changed it back to 9v and it also sounds great, but slightly different. So why not get two sounds from one pickup for no extra money? Since I have the 2 batteries in there anyways I would like it to run on 9v parrallel to keep both batteries at the same drain level. If anyone knows alot obout wiring, I sure it is simple but I don't want to mess anything up with the pickup. I only have the one EMG on the bridge, no other pickups and only a volume and tone and mini toggle in the guitar. Thanks to anyone who knows!
^ Same for me. your first link worked for me, or you can use this one...


Macjac you have also made duplicate threads of this in the GB&C which you dont need to do, only one thread per topic, and especially search for the answer first, considering a great thread on it already exists.

I'm going to report this to get it closed up

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