I got a new guitar so I plan to get another strap.
The first strap I got was just some generic black leather strap off ebay for £14, pretty decent.

Seeing as I use my strap a lot I figure I might as well spend the money on a good one.

After using the search bar I've found

Preferably something that looks good (usually leather) but doesn't sacrifice comfort for looks, so the best of both worlds.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Is the one above a good bet?
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I got a nice one a Sam Ash music store. It's Fender brand, you might be able to order it online if you're in the UK.
The best strap I've ever seen is a DiMarzio Cliplock strap. It doesn't have much of looks, but it will NEVER EVER fall off of your guitar. Great for performers with lots of stage presence.
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I use a Minotaur leather strap, they're huge and therefore very comfortable.
I love Levy's straps. I use them on all my guitars.
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Dimarzio makes a strap made out of elastic. Besides it being really fun and cool it also helps tremendously with weight problems.
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I love Levy's straps.

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I love Levy's straps. I use them on all my guitars.

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I think I have one of the darkside ones. It's really comfortable and it's kind of tough to adjust which is actually good because if you're like rocking out and stuff it doesnt adjust if you slide it the wrong way
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