I've been asked by too many people, what other bands, genres is your band like and I can't come up with an answer that i think really fits....Your opinions are appreciated...Do you like the songs?......thanks for your time. Feel free to add us if you like....

Some days your the dog and some your the hydrant...
i'd change your myspace classification to Rock/Metal/Alternative.

i hear a little AC/DC, a little Metallica, some Led Zep, RATM and a mix of newer bands in there.

you guys sound great. good tone, good vocals, overall very nice
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Hey man thanks for takin to time to reply...much appreciated! When asked I always say Alice in Chains meets Black Sabbath but am never really comfortable droping any bands name when asked....guess I'm just weird that way....glad you liked the tunes..........Would appreciate any comments from all you looky lou's out there.
Some days your the dog and some your the hydrant...