I currently own an Ibanez S520EX which I absolutely love. But my friend loves it too, and for some reason, is willing to buy it off me for 700 bucks straight up. Now, with that cash I realize I can get another one, but I've really wanted an EC-1000 with the trans blue finish for a while, just never had the cash (I already have another 200 bucks), and I've always wanted to try a 7 string (probably the s series one.)
So my question is, what are the ups and downs of each guitar, etc, etc. And if I decide 7 string, I may go with an RG 7 string and use the extra 300-ish bucks for a pickup swap. I dunno.
Then, I may just pocket the 700, sell my Peavey and then use all that cash towards my dream amp, a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.
So I dunno what to do, help?
This is our last chance.
Well 7 strings f**king rule and thats about as much persuading as you need really.

With Ibanezs, pretty much all the 7 string models (bar custom guitars) need a pup swap from the stock pups, so if you get a Iby 7 you will need to invest in pups to suite you.

I'm told the S7320 is a great guitar with an awesome trem (ball bearing, different feel to the traditional knife edge)

Definatly find one to get some playing time done on it to make sure you get along with 7s.

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Yeah, I love the trems on the s series, I'm almost positive it's the same bridge on my S520, just for a seven string.
This is our last chance.
I have an EC-1000 and I've played both the 7 string S and RG1527.
I'd say go for the RG1527 and get a pickup swap, AMAZING guitar for the money.
I played the S7320 and it just didn't feel good to me. The neck was a bit weird, overall feel (to me remember) just wasn't my thing.
EC-1000 is a lovely guitar, neck is really nice and has a great metal sound.
7 strings = <3 though