So I'm pretty much just starting out with guitars, so bear with me. I know there are better guitars out there obviously, but Im looking for something thats around entry level right now. I'm torn between the Epiphone Les Paul, and the Ibanez GRX20. I've heard from many people that the Epiphone (as well as other Epiphones) are generally better than Ibanez guitar in terms of sound and such. I was leaning towards the Les Paul for a while, but now I'm not totally sure. Personally however, I like the look of most Ibanez guitars to the Les Paul, and SG. So what's your guys' input on this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

On a side note, which of these guitars is better?

Ibanez GRX20
Ibanez IJX40
Ibanez GRG170DX
Ibanez RG2EX1
Ibanez RG120

Again, thanks for your input.
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the ibanez grg170dx is just like my guitar, except mine has tuning locks.
it has a really nice sound, but with distortion there's only one sound :S
oops, but epiphone les pauls are reaaaaallly nice even though they look like shit
they're a great entry guitar, so i think maybe you should go with that, then get a better ibanez or something once your better
I got my Epiphone about two months ago and I love it.

I didn't buy an amp til last weekend, so before that I was just learning open chords. Power chords didn't sound too great unplugged, but once I amp'd it with my small 15w Spider III, ohhh WOW.

I can't speak for everyone, but from a new guitarists' perspective, I love the Epiphone. Best advice I could offer is hold the guitar in your hands... if it feels good, then go with what your gut tells you.

Oh and hey, I even like the look of the Epiphone, kind of a more classical look to.

PS: Once I become better, I'm going to upgrade to a Gibson.


Well I have an Epiphone Les Paul custom... And it is fantastic!!

I was tempted by an Ibanez, but the Epiphone sounded much better and I thought it played better.

If you save up and stick Gibson pickups on it, then you willhave a guitar that is pretty much as good as a "real" Gibson Les Paul. I think it plays just as well as a Gibson if it is set up properly.

I thought the Ibanez was too light, the sound was too tinny, the neck was too thin so you couldn't get a proper grip on it. You can play a LP as hard as you like, but I didn't think an Ibanez would stand up to the same punishment.
My brother just bought a LP Special II for $170, and its got some problems, mainly fret buzz, but otherwise, it was still an upgrade for him. I think if you put some more money into it than that though, you'll get some serious quality from epi. (The Special II was like the cheapest epi he could find.)