I have a really nice bass in natural finish that i really like, however im not so fond of the finish anymore, i want to either spray it or give it a coat of coloured oil (?) to let the wood show through, i have a guitar that has the oil colour that i'd like my bass to be.

Anyway here are some picture's of the bass as it is and the guitar;
(guitar that has the finish i like.. of course my bass doesnt have a maple top )

Any idea on what type of paint/ oil i'd need to do this, plus you can actaully feel some of the grain of wood in some part's, would the oil (or is it called stain, i dont know) make it smooth?

well, first, you'll want to sand it to bare wood.

this will help eliminate any excess woodgrain feel as well.

you'll need a coloured stain to apply, then some clear to spray over it to make sure it's protected.

i think that's gonna look cool in a trans red... or maybe yellow finish?

Thank's for the information man

Ill get some fine sandpaper when i purhcase my spray's etc

Im not sure about the yellow to be honest, i think ill stick with red, but i guess ill have to wait and see what kind of stains i can get

Hmm im actaully quite worried about messing this up, i may have only cost £140 or something but it plays amazing and sounds really good!

Nice guitar defton... it looks pretty awesome (the custome one that is)