I don't see how this is an electric guitar, but good job nonetheless.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
Greg what did you send me??
awsome.....How much was it?
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Add me...
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Dude, how many guitars do you have?
I swear you made a NGD thread every month.
Awesome Tele, btw.

as the blue guy sed, thats underestimating lol
this guy needs to post his rig on a pic thread or something.
maybe he just goes to stores and takes pics of them and then comes home and loads them on the computer and says he owns them........that or he works/owns a guitar store and has access to those and takes pics and says they're his.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THIS! It would take me DECADES to save for a guitar like that. Good Job!
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Fair enough.

I bought this 1993 CS Reissue Fender Telecaster this past weekend as well.

beautiful tele......
hows she play??????
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I dont believe you actually own ALL of those guitars.

That's ok. Someone else said that so I made a bunch of videos at one point and if you look at my pics most of them are taken in the same few rooms. Also, you'll notice with the stuff I have had for a while I will sometimes have a shot with a couple other guitars in my collection mixed together.

It's all good.

The Gibson was $950.00. The Tele was $850.00

It seems like a foreign concept in this forum that some people are not morons and actually have the drive to make money.

I mean, I spent like less then 2 grand. If you can't save that and you're an adult maybe you need a new job.

As I have said many times, when I was a student at Berklee a friend and I saw that DAWs were going to be the thing of the future.

We wrote a business plan in a dorm room and using our newly learned Director skills we started producing DAW tutorials on cd-rom. We would sell these to music stores and eventually a lot of the big stores (Sweetwater, GC) were selling (and still sell) our discs.

We sold out in 2006 to a giant company. My wife is a nurse, but she only works three days a week but we do ok. I'm not a billionaire, but I have enough money to buy what I want.

Moral of the story - if you're not a fool and your not lazy you can have all the guitars you want.
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Oh, and just to show what a jerk Tedward is, here is a pic of the Hummingbird on the same table (Ethan Allen Drawing Table) as the Tele as well as another James Burton Tele I own on the same table.

Usually the people that are like, you don't own teh geetar" are the types with no clips of their playing and/or own a bunch of crap.

I hate u, man! So fine guitars you have!

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LOL - dude, save your money and look for deals

Sorry for the little rant. I just hate little babies like TedWard. I mean, get a life.
just do one large pic of your guitar collection and no one will be able to say a word.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow