any fun way to learn these chords?
I can only do the CAGED + Am chords...
my fingers seem to cannot do this... I REALLY want to learn these for the song I like, which is moon on the water by beck...
(I started learning guitar week ago)

also can anyone guide me what fingers to use when learning these chords?
right now nothing motivates me but this song...
these are barre chords. what you want to do for the first one is hold down every string at the 4th fret tightly with your pointer finger. make sure you get a clean sound out of each string, then finger the 566 with your free fingers. once you learn how to do this you will be able to play alot more songs. there are lessons for barre chords in the lessons tab on this site, i suggest you view them.
there is no fun way, you just gotta learn to get a clear sound and work on your finger strength...
i just need a fun way of learning these

Find songs you like that contain these chords and learn them.
im currently practicing a song with these chords...
i got the fingering of the chords down... just need more finger strength and much FASTER chord progression =(
will this come with practice or no?
Yeah those are barre chords,like the earlier posts look for songs that have them.It will all come in practice,and some getting used to.Dont worry you'll get that down in no time!
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Quote by ShootingStars
i already knew they were barre chords, i just need a fun way of learning these

there is no fun way, barre chords are a horror of a technique for a beginner and in all honesty you've got no chance of learning them right at the beginning, your fingers simply won't be strong enough. Start with open chords to build up some strength in your hands, you'll have to do that before you'll be able to work on the barreing technique.
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