Ok, I am in need of a wireless unit.

I talked to Joe Beebe (Dave Grohl's guitar tech) and he recommended SHURE, they use $4000.00 wireless units but he said
"You probably won't need $4000.00 wireless units, but I defiantely recommend a SHURE wireless unit".

Here is the thing, I do not know what unit to pick?

Can anyone be of assistance?

Also, I use a set of JBL computer speakers and JBL bass speaker for iTunes play back, but the bad thing is I play through a 1964 Fender Bassman so I need to play loud for it to sound good.

In doing so, I have seemed to blow out my JBL's and an Apple Expert and a Guitar Center Speaker tech recommended "Monitors" for my computer.

I also do not know which type of monitors to chose.

Also, I am on a "relatively" tight budget.

So both the wireless and monitors can't be over a $1000.00 if possible.

Any suggestions?
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