I'm new to the musician thread with a question.

What is a fun and interesting but effective way to learn how to read music?

I play bass by the way and thanks for the help
There is no way
If you think of one, let me know
( Bass Clef )
The lines are G B D F A
Like Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always
And the spaces are A C E G
All Cows Eat Grass
Rhymes are always fun and helpful

Another way is converting it all to tabs. That's what I might do
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There is no way ....

Another way is converting it all to tabs. That's what I might do


you may want to find a standard notation book for a band/album that you like/know

reading the notes as you hear/play them may be a real help for you...

we all learn differently... find what works for you
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Reading music is difficult at first, but once you learn it it can be better than tab in many situations. I was tought in band class at school since fifth grade. Sorry i don't really have much advice on how to learn, but it's definately worth your time!
Maybe if you got a teacher... He/She could show you a cool song and you both can figure out how to read it, with most of the effort coming from you ('cause I'll doubt a teacher would not know how to read music... K maybe...).
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Take simple songs and play them. It's all about practice, really. Just like anything else.

When you learn to read music fluently, you'll have no need for tabs anymore. It's easier to remember notes rather than numbers. Because with notes you can find associations, like identifying arpeggios and scale runs. Numbers are just numbers.

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There is this book for guitar called the Pozzoli and its used in the National Conservatory of Music to teach the young kids to learn how to read. It works with several solfeggio that begin with simple ones just going over scales in 2/4 up to complex pieces in several times like 6/8, 7/8 and 11/8.

There are to versions of this book and its specially good for guitar players.

But in Bass Cleff... there is surely a book like this which is the basis of the national conservatories.
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well i know not to go tab because its not really training your ears and notation isn't training it either but gives you a better idea of octaves but i was wondering whats a good way to learn because I've been playing for about 2 years and i play proficiently from music ranging from slayer to Jethro Tull and about everything that is classic metal classic rock or blues maybe even a little funk or jazz thrown in there. So I'm definitely not trying to say because I'm glad people are nice enough to help but please give me some tips because i do not get this at all.
Maybe the notes on the bass I.e. 1 on the E string is F i just need some simple tips to get me along