This song/poem/whatever was inspired by a recent incident were i was arrested and fined 1300 for a suspended license (which wasnt really suspended and was overturned in court). So the cop was your general redneck dick, im form the south that pretty much applies to all cops.

Usually i dont try to conusciously write songs, a few lines wll pop into my head and it will go smoothly from there. But this one i actually had to try to write so it might not be as good.

Its also more of a joke song.

Teens up to no good
pull some shit, i wish they would
Kinda hungry but i have these chips on my shoulder
Grew up a dumbass but now i have respect that im older
Hey boy, hairs gettin kinda long dontcha think?
A week of church is all you need
you're in my world now so you better believe
that ill rape you if i see the need
you think this is funny dontcha boy?
"im sorry sir for being so coy"
coy? whats that mean you little shit
"sorry sir i took your intelligence for granted"
Get in the car you linguistic queer
ohh shit wheres my shotgun and my beer
A month in jail should show you
"but sir, im still in school"
schools for fools
I dropped out
and look how i turned out
Each night i go home to a loving wife
nursing her black eye from last night
thatll teach her to step outta line
You think you're smart dontcha punk?
Phony charges oughta shut you up
oh wait...he posted bail....hes richer than us....

So basically i was taken to jail, printed, mugshot and everything all for stuff i was later cleared on. If my dad wasnt rich as hell i wouldnt have been able to post the 1300$ bail and would have been in there for god knows how long. If we couldnt come up with the money at all i would have been in jail until my court hearing a month later and my school year would have been ****ed etr....And i know i rhymed out with out

im 17 btw.
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God I hate cops
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Wow. I've seen so many cops that are assholes, yet they never cease to amaze me...
it's funny, I like it. I realize I wasn't helpful, but if you'll do crit4crit, it's in my sig, preferably Circuit.
Is this 21th centuries Outta Get Me? Feels quite like Guns N' Roses even though a bit less "on the spot". Noticed it filled with personal thoughts which is always nice.

It's pretty good but try to stay away from forced rhyming. Rhyming can be great but it very often turns out be sound forced or cliché. Keep the work up.
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