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Ive been lookin for some bass solos but i cant really find any more

I know about:

Pulling Teeth
Maxwell Murder
little solos in YYZ
Coffee Shop
Tommy the Cat
Metropolis pt. 1
Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, and Billy Sheean's solo works
Malignant Narcissism by Rush has a few small ones at the end, but the whole song sounds pretty cool on bass
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Malignant Narcissism by Rush has a few small ones at the end, but the whole song sounds pretty cool on bass

Do this.
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Day of The Baphomets - The Mars Volta
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The Fish by Yes.

and why is Jaco's a portrait of tracy not up yet?
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The beginning of "Only Ash Remains" by Necrophagist. Also check out the short, relatively simple tapping solo in "Fermented Offal Discharge."
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Oh and...

"The best solos come from the soul" - BulletFrost
You stole my Overture
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Day of The Baphomets - The Mars Volta

This ^!

Its an awesome song, and the bass is nice!
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my 3 favourites in metal
Shu ba da du mamma ma- Steve Miller Band

I love the bass in this song
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Stay Clean - Motorhead
Talking Head - Motorhead
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Continuum by Jaco Pastorius.

I'll second that. Easy up to the fast runs, then it takes some practice. if you can nail it though, its a knockout.

There used to be a guy on Youtube called GuyCee who had the best Jaco interpretations on there. He played Continuum with such soul, man. Its one thing being able to play Jaco, but quite another to really play it..

Good luck.
"Sting of the Bumblebee" by Manowar

the bass solo in "1,000 days in Sodom" by Venom.

The bass solo intro to "Death is certain, Life is not" by Dark Angel.

Also, "Lonesome Crow", Scorpions first album. It's pretty much a 40 minute bass solo...Yeah, the bass work makes Jaco sound like Pete Wentz. Get ASAP if you are interested in bass.

The list could go on but check those out first.
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Blinded in Chains - A7X
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Well, you begin with a big wooden spoon and a jar of vaseline...
Teen Town- Jaco Pastorius
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TS, trust me just go on Amazon and order 'Lonesome Crow" for a measley $10. It's got more bass riffs then Oprah's got Snickers bars. It's the best bass album ever made. Rush, Jaco, RHCP, Wooten.....this i'll take 'em all, lay 'em flat and stab them in the chest.

here, get it now....

Changed my bass playing life forever.
Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times
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The soloish bit of Tom Sawyer by Rush that follows the synth is kinda fun. Repetitive as hell, but I like playing it.
Pretty much every song on Fortress by Protest The Hero has some awesome bass spots.
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