I bought the ITS8 kit from general guitar gadgets, put it together, and it worked fine for a few weeks, but then it stopped giving any kind of output, whether it was on of off. I put one of the different IC's in and then it worked fine. A week later, it stopped working again. Put the last IC in and now it works again.

What could be causing this? My dad suggested that the resisters might be the wrong levels, putting too much power through the IC and frying it after a while.

also, does anyone know where I could buy a replacement JRC chip?
If the ICs are actually dying, than I think your dad might be right. Buy a new chip (smallbearelec.com carries them), and an IC socket while your at it, and turn it on and test pin voltages with a meter. Might wanna make a thread at DIYstompboxes.com (much more knowledgeable people there) and post voltages, and here too of course. Then people can check for you.
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