I will be finishing this custom wolfgang build soon and it will be for sale. If you catch me before the finish is stated you can choose your own color. Korina body with a quilted maple cap. The real deal ! It will be fitted with all the USA peavey original parts and case!
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Price? I might be interested, though I don't really need another guitar lmao.
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$1600 The body was extremely expensive to do. It is a One piece Korina blank and the top is a master grade big leaf quilt. Better than they even used on the Custom shop wolfgangs in 2002. The neck is all maple by the way. The planned finish is a beautiful deep blue burst with natural binding, unless otherwise requested. The finish alone is running $275 It will be completely set up and intonated before shipping. This guitar will smoke a stock basswood wolfgang ! Thanks for check'n it out !!
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That top is amazing, Free Bump.
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Wow great quilted maple! I'm sure you will sell that thing.