Hi. I need some help please with a BOSS RC-2 Loop Station Pedal. I don't have it yet and don't know if I would be able to use it with my stuff. I play all types of metal and this is my setup:

Jackson KVX10 X King V -> Dunlop DIME Crybaby Wah -> Line 6 Spider 3 150 combo

My amp does NOT have an effects loop.

Would I be able to use the Loop Station with my setup? If I can, where would I put it? (I don't have an effects loop in my amp).

What do you recommend? The BOSS RC-2 or the next level one (RC-20 XL) with the twin pedal. I would want to spend the lesser amount of money. Is the cheaper one still worth it? (RC-20)

If I should get it, how should I have my set up?

Sure you can. You just put it out front, last in your chain. So amp>RC-2>wah>uitar

Great pedal, get it.
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first of all you can put the rc2 with no effects loop
second if you are want to buy the twin looper the rc20XL
i recomand you to try the digitech jam man the only thing that different between this looper and the boss rc20Xl is that the digitech jam man has a usb conection and then you can record and put it on your computer or create a backing track and put it in the looper and then play with......
go to try it
you dont have to be with effects loop
It doesn't need an effects loop. However, if you put it out front, then you won't really be able to use distortion on your amp (at least I can't on my B-52). If you do put on distortion, then it will distort the drums and the whole track will sound terrible.

I've even found that my RC-2 doesn't even work that great in my effects loop. Dunno if it's the FX loop or the pedal, but it's very, very quiet when I put it in there. I run it out front but I put an OD pedal in front of it, so that way if I need to record a distorted track to jam to I use the OD

I love the little pedal, but I do wish that it would work better in my FX loop so I could use the thick, beastly, manly distortion from my amp instead of the little I get from running my OD on the clean channel. But who knows, maybe it will work differently on the spiders.
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I'll sell you mine if you'd like. I'm looking to sell it for 200. I have original box too. PM me.
Quote by Mecler
I'll sell you mine if you'd like. I'm looking to sell it for 200. I have original box too. PM me.

its like 179 new.

My buddy has a loop pedal an a spider 3, it sounds horrible, especially with distortion. Now he only plays it when the amps on the clean channel. its really hard to solo over a distorted riff, you can barely hear the led due to the fact you cant control the volume of the riff, think of it like putting the delay before the distortion.
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Quote by Mecler
I'll sell you mine if you'd like. I'm looking to sell it for 200. I have original box too. PM me.

Which one you talking bout?

If it's the RC-2, hell no. Thats $180 new.

If it's the twin pedal one (RC-20 XL), maybe.
Well, I guess I'm not gonna buy the looper. Is there anything similar to it that would work for me? Remember, I use the amp's distortion.