It might sound crazy but i was thinking about a way to make a single humbucker in your guitar very versitile. If you mounted it on a sliding setup so you could actually move it and lock it to any position from the bridge to the neck to get the tone from any point under the strings, just move the pickup a little bit at a time and find the tone you want. This might not be a good option for live players but could be very useful for recording. I wonder if it has been thought of before or if it is just a stupid idea! just food for thought.
been done
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Yeah, it has been thought of before. There was a guy a few weeks ago who asked if it had been done before, and it had.

This is still a good idea, and you should build it.
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ibanez made one but killed it cuz it sucked.. bad idea.
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thanks, yea i think I might try it with and old squire strat I have. I will post the results whenever i get it done.
Its been done.
Now a good idea?
To have it set up as to be controlled up and down by a joy stick sticking out of the guitar.
As long as it has poles it would work.
Now that hasnt been done.
Actually that is a brilliant idea, I will do it like that if i end up trying it at all.
my electronics teacher has an amazing one, it slides up and down, and you can tighten screws on the pickup wires so you dont have to solder... then has it wired to try out 3 different capacitors, every single wiring option ever... truly an amazing piece of work. his name is Dave Montalbano, hes in guitar builder (and so am i doing an acoustic guitar/tube amp experiment)
the best thing invented so far is the solderless connectors... too bad theyre so damn hard to find the connections
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Make sure its a blade humbucker, or the pole pieces wont always line up.

Ooops i meant blades, sorry about that.

Try something like the X2 by Dimarzio
It would be cool to install a rotating motor under the "rails" with a momentary XPDT switch (center off), that could slide the pickup up and down by means of a "lever."
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this thread has just blown my mind.

epic wins all around.

oh, and i think you should have a crank, to adjust the pickup (think like a vice, where cranking one way will provide forward motion, whereas the opposite will give the reverse result), so that you don't have to worry about reconnecting... maybe have a conductive crank that will transmit signal as well?

just an idea, i'm just getting in from some craaazy party, and am finished from beer pong..