So I know about electric strings, but as far as acoustic goes im lost. What are the best and nicest sounding strings for acoustic?
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Meh, that's completely up to your personal preference. I like Martin strings for regular, and d'Addario EXP for coated. Lots of people like Elixir coated strings. I think they sound like crap and break easily. Lots of people like Cleartone EMP coated strings. I don't think they sound as good as d'Addario EXPs. Finding what strings you like the best is a trial and error process. And I actually like some strings better than others depending on which guitar I'm putting them on. There is no absolute best.
I loved coated strings when I first tried them, but at $15 a pop for me, it's not worth it all the time. I used to buy Martins a lot, they were pretty good. Right now I'm sporting regular d'Addarios, not EXP.

Also, at least from my experience, while the stings may last longer with coated, the tone and brightness doesn't.

you really can't go wrong with- Martins, Elixers, or d'Addarios
I personally don't like the EXPs. I'm more of a Martin SP and elixir kind of guy. Honestly, it's just preference. Each guitar can sound better/worse with the same strings on too.
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I use Martin Marquis strings, but only because of the silk winding. They sound ok. The Marquis SP strings sound really nice, but they're on the expensive side.
I used DRs before I noticed the strings eating into my bridge. The silk winding at the ball end protects my bridge and reduces wear. I'm thinking about trying some flatwounds, but that wouldn't help the treble strings. Alas...
thanks for the replies I have Dean Markleys on now cause I used them on my electric and loved them. I think I will try the Martins next, and then the elixirs.
Finding what strings you like the best is a trial and error process. And I actually like some strings better than others depending on which guitar I'm putting them on. There is no absolute best.

I'm a personal fan of Martin SP/FX and Elixir 80/20's.
D'addario PB's were pretty good too.
Basically, Martin Strings and D'Addario and Elixer Strings are good. but if your looking for cheap and standard. Get some Fender Phosphor Bronze
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I'm willing to spend what I have to to make my guitar sound good. In case anyone was wondering its an ovation cc24. I think I have mediums on now and it sounds alright so I will try out the Martins. Thanks.
Martin strings are good thats what I use I've used EXP once before and I liked it but I stick with Martin strings very nice clear sound
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This is a well debated question, as each guitarist has their own personal preferance.

I have tried almost every brand, and my fave is "Elixir Custom Lites".

They are bound with a teflon fibre (not dipped, which effects sound etc), you will find they do not screech when doing barre chords, and last a lot longer. They are a little dearer, but thats what you get for quality.

Many top guitarists swear by them..... www.elixir.com
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I use DR 11s and have settled with these having used a number of makes over the years
I use D'Addario Phosphor Bronze lights. Much cheaper than the EXP's and they sound WAY better. Now if only I had a better guitar to put the strings on. Don't get me wrong, I love my guitar like a human baby, but I really want a solid top/all solid. Alas, low funds
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I live on D'Addarios. o.o;

I wanna try Martin's though.

But I recommend D'Addario EXP. Or the .12's. Fantastic sound.
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