Well I have noticed a jam revolution going on in here so let's add SCI to the trinity with Phish and moe. The surge IS working.

My only album is Untying The Knot (which is cool) and some live stuff.

Also, my friend and I have jammed with Billy Nershi and Tyler Grant (Bassist/guitarist for Emmit-Nershi Band) which was amazing. He is a great guitarist and a cool guy.
I only have a couple of their songs, but from what I hear it's awesome. Whenever anyone mentions SCI I always think of Phish too

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yay for jam band threads on the up rise. hell yeaha i love the SCI. i have a few live shows along with the studio albums born on the wrong planet, one step closer, outside inside and untying the not.

outside inside is probly my favorite studio album by them. thought nothing beats their live material i wish i gotten into them before they broke up i would love to see them live.
Me too. I haven't see many bands live though. Pshh, moe. 6 times....bastard.

I heard one time (on the iclips chat thing when they were broadcasting moedown actually) that Trey Anastasio hates SCI and thinks they are way commercial. Is there any truth to this 'cuz Trey has never really struck me as being a douchebag.
Great for Jam bands, Yeah I know these guys, I even had a string chesse incident of my own(personal story involving cheese).
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pssh ive seen moe. 11 times...

but about what trey said i find that weird. SCI is less commercial then phish in my book idk mabey its just me. but trey has been noted at times to be very pompous at times.
Well yeah that's why I didn't know if it was true. I mean Phish made Farmhouse and Billy Breathes, those albums are both way accessible.

Idk if I have even seen 11 bands. let me think, nevermind I have seen a lot more than that silly me. But the only bands I have seen more than once are YMSB and Sam Bush (both twice )
yea well being from upstate new york and moe. being from upstate ny they are around a lot so i try to go see them when i get the chance. but hey ive seen YMSB twice too .

but phish to me is way more commercial. i would have to say that introducing someone to phish would be easier than doing it to SCI.
i have some really interesting things that i could contribute for this thread, but probably isn't anything to talk about on the internet.
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i would recommend skiping the studio all though its good stuff they hit there peek live.

heres something right up your ally. the first set is bluegrass and the second set is there normal stuff. you can buy itthere or sreach around for and if wosre case come i can send it to you . but its a mad good show.


edit but if your really pushing for a studio album Outside Inside is very good and Born on the Wrong Planet is good also.
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You guys should hear the Keller Williams/String Cheese collaboration. It's fantastic.
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oh yea anything keller touches is fantastic.

SUPER EDIT: YAY!!!! i finally just finished downloading SCI final stand. there epic four night finale at red rocks. its got 95 songs in it from four nights. im converting it to mp3 now. im so pumped to listen to it.
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yea its Earl Scruggs and Jeff Austin they bring them on stage at the end of On the Road

EDIT: ahh mabey i show hit refresh once in a while but yea its both of them.