I recently bought a flying V kit off e-bay in hope that i could finish it quickly and start playing. After recieving it i realized it could possibly take a while to build it. In the meantime, i might buy a filler guitar that i could play around with. something cheap, like $100-200 range. any Suggestions?
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I wouldn't call it a waste, it'll be awesome when i finish it.
good luck with the project
make it look as stylish as possible to hide the (probable)bad tone!
or upgrade the parts!
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Let me tell you a story about my ebay kit. Gotoh tuners and EMG pickup set were ordered before the guitar even got to my house because I knew they would be crap. The body was crap, the neck pocket was crooked so a new body was ordered. The neck was like playing a plank so a new neck was ordered. The bridge was a POS so a new one of those was ordered too.... I thought I would at least have a guitar that would play and sound half decent for a total of $200. But its better just to drop $300-$400 on ebay and piece together a guitar yourself. This is what happened to my ebay kit:
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