I want to get a good fuzz pedal for my pedal rig (probably to replace one of my current distortions (I have too many heh)) but don't know what to choose... so I thought maybe to save money and everything I could just buy a DIY fuzz from General Guitar Gadgets (www.generalguitargadgets.com) and build my own one and see how that sounds...

However, I have emailed them numerous times with questions about their products and they have not once replied... so I want to know if they actually exist or still in business, because I don't want to send a whole lot of money to a non-existent business or fraud business... Has anyone had any recent encounters with them? Preferably overseas sales, because I'm buying from Australia.

Also, which fuzz of their product range would be best? I want a fuzz that can be fairly brutal, and fairly mellow and bluesy too... that can oscillate and feedback easily if turned up high...

Was also considering buying the StratoBlaster while I'm at it... are they any good? Just for solos and stuff cause my volume pedal sucks a bit (it's a PROEL)


P.S. Here's some of their fuzz pedals:


For a nice fuzz tone, I'd recommend a 3-knob tone bender or a fuzz face. Germanium transistors preferred imo.
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
Boss DS-1
Crate GTD65

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Never bought anything from general guitar gadgets so never had any dealings with them. You can always just get the parts list from their site and get the parts from small bear.
I have a bought a pcb and a complete kit from them. Both were very good