I've spent almost a year learning a lot of theory (through lessons) and I pretty much know everything I want to know for now including my modes, pentatonics, different chord variations, arpeggios and such.... Now that I know these I can play them with ease and incorporate them into my playing, but how would I become a better player using my theory and knowledge?

It seems kind of vague, but if it helps I want to get better at playing metal/metalcore. I'm also kinda into the whole shred scene too, like Vai and P.G. How should I properly practice techniques and such other then playing songs themselves, that will ultimately get me to the next level playing wise? I've been playing for almost two years now and I play mostly stuff like Lamb of God and All That Remains, but some stuff mostly solo-wise kill me.

Also from all the theory I know, is there a need to maybe get lessons again to keep me on track with my playing? Or should I try making my own practice schedules and routines? I'm thinking maybe I should try to work things out on my own, and develop what I feel like needs developing.

i like to see that! i believe that playing songs is the best way to learn, aside from playing in an actual group of competent musicians. always use a metronome too! good luck bro!
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Well, if you aren't writing your own music yet, do that. That'll help you figure out what you want to learn as well. Everybody has to choose their own path, there's no point asking us where you should go musically.

And as regards technique, the "READ ME" in my sig, and the lessons after it are pretty much everything I know arranged in a logical fashion.
Thanks Freepower! Im going to look into alot more of the threads in the advanced techniques forum, maybe I won't need lessons to get me back on track after all! :P