Ok i have a cap on my ISP but I didnt think anything of it because its the verizon VZaccess, so i figured cell phone company + internet = bandwidth caps are fair.

Then I got to reading because I wanted to know how much bandwidth online games consume to see if I could play some of mine at home, and i found out way old news that I have not seen about comcast and some other companies making bandwidth caps.

Now discuss

I was just concerned about what the internet is coming to. So What do you guys think about them? How many (and what) ISP's have them? Will they kill online gaming, downloading, xbox live, ect? How much bandwidth really is needed?

Nah, just kidding. Bandwidth isn't needed much, it's all a fluke.
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You'll just have to pay for extra bandwith, like pretty much anything in life. Get used to it.
bell sympatico caps during peak usage even though they say they dont, for games and what not you shouldnt notice any problem because they usually only cap certain ports, for example the ports needed for torrent downloads and things like that, for websites and games they should not cap you, this is my experiance thus far with bell