My left hand gets tired really quickly when playing guitar, especially songs with a lot of power chords. I often can't get through songs because of this. The muscle that gets tired is the one between my thumb and the index finger.

I've been playing for a couple years. I thought my hand would get stronger with time and practice. It did a little bit, but not as much as it should. My hands are small so that can't help, but that can't be the only reason.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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are you comfortable when playing?
is your guitar too low?
is your neck pointing upwards?
are your resting your elbow on your leg as you play?

theres lots of things that you could be doing wrong...
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yeah, if your doing a lot of power chord stuff you probably where your guitar really low like all the punk kids do. So raise it up, and see how much easier it is.
guitar in comfortable spot...try loosening up, tilt the guitar up slightly...i have big hands, but i used to get tired, playing full songs all day wit the music helps
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I usually play while sitting. So I guess the height of the guitar isn't the problem.

I'll try to relax. I do tend to press hard on the strings to avoid buzzing. I guess I should try to hit the right spot on each fret and then I wouldn't have to press so hard.

Ibanez EX series
Epiphone LP standard (project guitar)
Roland Cube 20x
Takamine eg321c
Cort acoustic bass
i used to get tiered alot durring playing , buy a stress ball, and keep on playing with it with your left hand, you well get alot stronger
My left hand doesn't get sore, only my right hand (picking hand) gets sore if I play for example some Slayer songs all the way through. But that's mainly because of the fast tremolo picking.
Well, its often because you press a little too hard, and are a little too tense.

I still get that when i play barré chords for a long time.. Those are annoying.

Just get more comfortable with it, and you will most likely start to relax.