I just put an HS-3 in the bridge position for HSS. The HS-3 has significantly less output, like a lot less - and barely any bass response. Is this normal? I raised it up pretty high and my neck and middle pup are blowing it away.
Hmmm. I wired it according to the diagram on DiMarzio's site. Does the volume pot have any effect? I believe mine is a 500k
maybe cold solder joint?

but sound clips would be best thing here, we could tell you a lot better
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I play open E, open G, barred A and barred E. First is the neck pickup, then the middle pickup, then the HS-3 in the bridge. The HS-3 sounds like I recorded an electric guitar that isn't plugged in, but I recorded using line in on my computer so you're not actually hearing of the picking or acoustics of the guitar, it just sounds like that.
yep, sounds like you're wired incorrectly... maybe have + and - mismatched... try swapping those and you could be gold

I'll give that a try this weekend - thanks guys for the input
so its really quiet right so i bet the wiring for it is backwards my friend made a cable and the wires crossed so the flow of eletricity was backwards weaking my pickup magnet but the eletro mag would still work so you probaly wired it wrong you and if its just that pickup you should take it to so your sure the wires are right the colors might be wrong i still bet that the flow of eletriy is backward that or send it in cause you might just have a faulty it is possible
After looking a ton of diagrams, it appears I've wired it correctly. I'm still getting crappy, thin, low output. If I turn up the gain really high, it starts to sound normal but still very little bass response and then my single coil strat pickps are way too loud.