Just picked one up, and I have a question about hooking it up. I run a rack system where the signal travels as follows:

Guitar-->ENGL Preamp -->(effects loop send... TCE G Major-->Behringer EQ---> back to ENGL Preamp-->Carvin TS100 Power Amp-->Marshall 1960a cab

Now, my question is this. Would it be wiser to hook up the 2nd channel of the isp after the engl pre and tce g major, or after the behringer right before the preamp return? (so basically, is it best to put it right after the send of the pre, or right before the return)?

Input is appreciated, thanks.
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Ahh. I see you took my advice! I run mine first out of the fx send, before any effects. That way you dont get reverb/modulation/delay supression, which will sound very unnatural.

So yes its best to run channel 2 first in the fx loop chain.

Make sure your guitar goes into channel 1 first then to the Pre amp. It doesnt work with just one channel.
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