My footswitch is acting funky... no pun intended. My footswitch for my Crate GX-65 is not responding to my actions. The reverb and distortion lights come on but don't do anything (the clean/ green does not come on at all). The amp works fine if I don't use the switch so I isolated the problem. Please give me any constructive feedback.

Much appreciated!
is it low on batteries? i know sometimes my effects get weak when theyre low on batteries.
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is it low on batteries? i know sometimes my effects get weak when theyre low on batteries.

I don't think i've ever heard of a footswitch that uses batteries.

maybe it's the cable?
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Picture of the footswitch? If it is the one I have, then you're in luck: I just did a layout on mine. This is my footswitch:
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I'd say that maybe your footswitch has finally kicked the bucket, since you mentioned that the green/clean indicator doesn't even turn on anymore. You said it isn't battery powered so I don't know if it's a voltage issue, though maybe it is your cable.
Have you tried other cables?
Have you messed with the settings on your amp enough so that a difference between channels would definitely be heard? It would suck if you were switching between two channels that actually sounded the same.
I'm not insulting your intelligence, just covering anything I can think of.

I've thought that I blew out an amp at a studio only to realizethe expression pedal on my BP200 just turned the volume all the way down...

Post what Footswitch you're using and maybe somebody with a similar switch will have gone through this same problem and know how to help.