For sale is my 07 MIK Ibanez S520EX. The finish is a bit scratched up, and one nickle sized ding in the back (mojo from gigging), but nothing that affects sound and its pretty clean other than that. Has professionally installed EMG 81/85 set and Dunlop strap locks. Its also missing the actual locks for the nut. The nut is installed, it's just missing the locks. ZR Trem works really well, and stays relatively in tune even without the nut locks.

$350 shipped or trade for a maple boarded MIM Tele or Strat.

Damn, right when I post my ad on my S520, you post yours, but with EMGS! Bump for a great guitar, ha, but I have a case.
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how soon are you wanting the money, i can get it to you in a few weeks..i just have to save up a bit for it
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