yes another thread about a girl. Ok. So im not dating her..... well... i kinda am, but i dont really want to be. i was supposed to call her today to go hang out and all that stuff, but instead i just went and had some beers with some friends. I dont want to be dating her or anything but i cant break up until after this HUGE dinner/ dance thing we're goin to. I cant just ditch her before that cuz then i'd be the biggest asshole in the world.

Anyways, she just called and sounded really pissed. i told her i'd call her back. What do i tell her about today? Should i listen to Dane Cook? :P (putting self in danger)
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Girls are complicated - Just turn gay and don't bother.

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OK, so now, for Christmas, I'd like the ability to have an erection again.

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one time i got up in the middle of the night to take a shit... and the toilet seat was warm....