ok, so the guitarist in my band has this b**** of a girlfriend, who literally does not let him out of her sight, but of course he says he hangs out with her because he loves her so much. blah blah. we practice in a room at school after classes and occasionally play during lunch, or go over the songs we need to learn for the next practice. he has come to 2 this entire school year. so i told him, "come to this next practice, this is your last chance" and of course he didnt and told me he had to study when i saw him leave school with his gf.

so i gave him the boot and he was pissed at first but didnt say anything. now hes been begging me to let him back in, but we have a benefit concert coming up and were playing some really tough material and i have another guitarist whose more commited but not quite as good ready to play, so i keep saying no. but hes been really persistent and i can tell hes sorry but i doubt it will last long and in 2 weeks ill have to kick him out again pressure him into coming to practice, which i really dont want to do again.

hes one of my best friends and hes being really persistent, but he is ridiculously unreliable. What do i do?
Make him promise to come to practice. If he misses just one, kick him out and take the new kid.
Tell him it's the band or the girl.
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happened to me once, band fell apart, and we were pretty good too. toss him, get another one. DON'T LET YOUR BAND FAIL!
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Make him promise to come to practice. If he misses just one, kick him out and take the new kid.

this sounds like a good idea, +1 to that
frigginjerk, you are a genious, because most songs were playing have 2 guitar parts, and i sing and play guitar, but we like to put on a good show (me and the bassist have some pretty wack stage antics) and this way i can be free of the mic stand. and i know all of the parts anyway, so if he doesnt deliver then i can fill in and all we lose is me running around the stage like an idiot. because for some reasons audiences love that.

another problem solved by UGer's infinite wisdom. many thanks.