So, I just got a 5pc kit.

Heres the deal:

I am left handed, but right leg dominant....

Which way will I setup my drums, normal? or reverse for left handed peoples.
i am left-handed AND left-footed. I have my drums set up right-handed. Honestly it's not any more difficult than it would be if you had it set up lefty. I've had absolutely no problems so far playing lefty on a right-handed kit. You'll just need to arrange your cymbals according to where YOU need them, not the "standard" way of setting them up. Also, I recommend playing open-handed rather (left hand for hi-hat, right hand for snare) it'll make things easier than playing the "regular way." Ringo Starr also is left-handed and plays on a righty kit, so if you're having trouble understanding any of this just watch some of his vids. It also pays off to know how to play on a right-handed kit so that when you go over to a friends house you can play on his kit and show off your pro skills

But yeah dude, coming from a fellow lefty, I can tell you it's no big deal playing on a right-handed kit.
Whatever's most comfortable for you...if you feel better with a kit set up in the right-handed way, then do it. It sounds like you may need to experiment. It may be good for you to set it up as a righty, because as a left-handed person you probably have a stronger left arm as it is, and so you might want to work your right arm strength.

But again, whatever works best for you.

Hmm...maybe I should get a kit. I've been thinking about it for a while...
Oh no he just divided by zero again...*gets sucked into vortex*

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You're welcome
well you would switch your snare with the floor tom, the hi hat next to your snare, the two toms, and your cymbals