I'm looking at getting another guitar, i have a fender strat now. I was looking at maybe an ibanez s470 w/ the zr tremolo or the esp ltd ec1000 or maybe a used carvin. i play at church and play some metal at home so i use alot of different tunings kinda so would the floyd rose be a horrible idea?
for multiple tunings it is a terrible idea. It's a tedious process to switch tunings.
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if you are going to have two guitars, just keep one in standard (guessing for church) and one for metal. best advice i can give you.
Are there any other good tremolos? the tremolo on my strat sucks so i don't even use it. what about a wilkinson tremolo?
i've never played one but i've heard good things about them...
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Wilkinson's are pretty good quality but obviously wont give you the extreme effects of a double locking trem.
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If the Floyd Rose is setup to float or is recessed then changing tuning on it all the time will be a pain and not worth it. If its flush mounted or you use a device like a Tremel-no and have it in dive only move then its the same as having a Strat bridge except a wider range of dive bombs and better tuning stability. Personally if you're gonna change tunings a lot on one guitar the easiest is a hardtail.
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ZR tremolo has bridge tension roller on the back for a bit faster adjustment. It might help when changing tunings.

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