Hey UG,

I'm (possibly) picking up a used Marshall DSL100 halfstack this weekend for the bargain price of $550 (DSL100 head + Marshall 1960A cab). How am I getting this ungodly price, you ask?

Well... The head was just retubed and biased with EH's and Ruby's in the preamp and Mesa tubes in the poweramp. It's also got a few tears in the tolex.

The cab has a broken caster, a broken handle, and the tolex is completely stripped from the back panel (ie bare wood, but no dings which is lucky). So my questions:

1) I know nothing about the quality/sound of the new tubes or how they'll work in this amp, and I won't have all that much time to play it - what should I look for and what can I expect in the long run?

2) I'm good with tools and like to fix things, and have a boatload of friends/neighbors to help who are either professionals or very experienced. How difficult/expensive will it be to retolex the rear panel of the cab, fit the new caster, and replace the busted handle? When I checked prices ran: $15/sq. ft marshall tolex; $5/replacement handle; $25/caster, so I figure parts will be about $50 (and $20 for the glue, which I already have, so never mind). Is it gonna be worth it?

I'm more than willing to put in a few hours of labor to make these things pretty, provided the sound is gonna be there, so my main questions are about sound - what can I expect from these tubes, and what should I look over in the amp specifically to see if it's in good condition? Lastly, for $550 am I getting a good price here?

Thanks guys!
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