I still love and listen to music just as much as I always have but for some reason I'm not feeling the drive to make/play it. I guess it kind of started last spring when I kind of got out of electric and more into acoustic. Over the summer I was just all out acoustic and I loved it but now I don't have the drive to play either. Has anyone had this happen before? What do you think would be a good way to re-inspire myself because music is something I definitely want to keep doing as a hobby.
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Meh, everyone goes through stages of unenthusiasm, some longer than others, I wouldn't worry about it.
take a break from it for a while. like just distance yourself from music for a bit. then, just pick up a guitar one day, and play, and it will sound great. sometimes you just need a break, that's all.
Sometimes you'll hit a rut in your music inspiration, just takes time my friend. Don't force it, it's made for enjoyment. Just go back to it after a while and you'll be all over it again.
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i think it's a mistake to look at the guitar as something to master. i'm not saying that's the case here, but i see a lot of people with that mentality. they get caught up in trying to play really fast or whatever, but that's more of a technical approach than an artful one, you know? if you look at it simply as a tool for songwriting i think the possibilities become boundless.

and while you're at it, don't limit yourself to the guitar. there are thousands of other mediums.
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Go find the perfect girl. You know, the one that you can see yourself marrying, and that, oddly enough, you do see yourself marrying. Then have her cheat on you and break your heart. You'll want to right an acoustic song, and then go commit homicide.

Or you could just try playing a different style of music.
trying to play jazz always gets me going again, playing in odd tuning, using my capo.

If something like that doesnt work, try taking like a month off from it...the crave for it will come back.
Just leave it alone.
find something else to do.
Youll find the urge soon enough to want to play some music and rock out.
I did somethin like that. I got sick of playin hard rock like A7X and i switched to funk like RHCP type stuff.

Try playin something completely different then what youre used to. it helped me and now im pretty good at both of those.

just an opinion
Try and play another style of music... metal is always fun.
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I'm so absorbed in the pit I barely have time for guitar anymore, let alone anything else life involves.
If you're even askign this question, it means you are aware of your falling out ,and you don't want it to happen, yah. So keep playing man, music rules, yah, guitar forever man. it's the shit man, don't stop playig.
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yea man i know what you mean, i've been through that stage a few times. The best way to get out of it is to give it a break for a while, don't force yourself to play. it won't be enjoyable.

Some ways i've found to keep me into music are by listening to stuff i hadn't heard before, that always makes me wonder how it is played and if i can figure it out. Also try different tunings, or maybe a different genre. plus its never hurts to broaden your horizons in music. Also try playing with different people.